29er Mountain Biking : Bicycle Handlebars.

29er Mountain Biking

29er mountain biking

    mountain biking
  • Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.

  • A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.

  • is the sport of riding bicycles in a more extreme way, although not necessarily off paved roads—trials and street riding are examples of types of mountain biking based more around urban areas. It requires endurance, bike handling skills and self-reliance.

  • 29ers or two-niners are mountain bikes that are built to use 700c or ISO 622 mm wheels. Most mountain bicycles use ISO 559 mm wheels which are commonly called 26" wheels. The ISO 622 mm wheel is typically also used for road-racing, trekking, cyclo-cross, touring and hybrid bicycles.

  • The 29er is a high performance skiff designed by Julian Bethwaite and first produced in 1998. It is targeted at youth, especially those training to sail the larger 49er. It has a single trapeze and an asymmetric spinnaker much like that of the 49er (although smaller).

  • An off-road bicycle with 29-inch wheels.

29er mountain biking - RockShox Tora

RockShox Tora 85-130mm Coil 302 U-Turn Fork (Black Turnkey Rim/Disc)

RockShox Tora 85-130mm Coil 302 U-Turn Fork (Black Turnkey Rim/Disc)

U-Turn coil spring system with external travel adjustabilty (130-85mm). TurnKey oil damping with external on/off lockout, and rebound. 1-1/8" threadless aluminum steerer with 32mm STKM-steel stanchions fixed into a forged, hollow 6061-T6 aluminum crown . 1-piece magnesium lower legs with 9x100mm quick-release dropouts, linear and disc brake compatible (51mm IS-QR): 2.4" tire OK. Features: Intended application: XC, All Mountain 32mm, straight-wall 4130 cromoly upper tubes Turn Key lockout External rebound adjustment Aluminum steerer Steerer Length is 265mm

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When the wind eventually dropped last week, it dropped too much. Hardly enough to get a performance skiff like this 29er moving at all - so not exactly a white knuckle ride!

However - the sea had a lovely quality of reflected light about it and the sails looked cool - so I took "one or two" photographs!

Olly on the helm - JP (looking v.cool) on the wire!

29er in Hamilton Harbour

29er in Hamilton Harbour

29er's racing in Hamilton Harbor's "Cornish Hen" regatta.

29er mountain biking

29er mountain biking

Maxxis 29 x 2.4 Ardent Fldg 60A Tire

An aggressive tread in high-volume casings distinguishes the newest addition to Maxxis' downhill and mountain disciplines. Designed with great traction in mind, the Ardent doesn't forget the racer. Large block-style side knobs offer numerous edges for high-speed corners. Center tread, while designed for braking and accelerating traction, also features ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance. With a wide variety of size offerings, the Ardent captures every mountain rider's needs. 29 X 2.4 BLACK
Item Code: 100043862

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Baby Bike Trailer Age. Fluid Indoor Bike Trainer. Old Bicycle For Sale

Baby Bike Trailer Age

baby bike trailer age

    bike trailer
  • A bicycle trailer is a motorless wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo by bicycle. It can greatly increase a bike's cargo capacity, allowing point-to-point haulage of objects up to 4 cubic yards (3 cubic meters) in volume that weigh as much as half-a-ton.

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

  • A young or newly born animal

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed

  • The latter part of life or existence; old age

  • historic period: an era of history having some distinctive feature; "we live in a litigious age"

  • begin to seem older; get older; "The death of his wife caused him to age fast"

  • A particular stage in someone's life

  • how long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"

baby bike trailer age - Black White

Black White 2IN1 Double Child Baby Bike Trailer Stroller Jogger

Black White 2IN1 Double Child Baby Bike Trailer Stroller Jogger

Product Highlights:

-Brand New
-Frame - Lightweight and strong
-Made of Steel
-Made for two children, but also can be used for one child.
-Fits in the trunks and storage areas of most vehicles after folded.
-2-in-1 weather canopy - Helps protect kids from sun and rain
-Rear storage area - Extra room for parents to carry items
-Age limit- 18 months or older
-Max Weight Limit: 100lb
-Assembled Weight: 37lb
-Front wheel size 12"
-Rear wheel size 20"


*Full Dimension: 55*36*42 inch (see left picture for more details)
*Folded Dimension: 32*27*9 inch


*Child trailer folded
*Wheels (one front, two rear)
*Trailer/Stroller conversion kits
*Jogger handle
*Brake with lock
*Side frames (2 pieces)
*Safety flag
*Bike Hitch/coupler
*User manual
Please check our webstore :http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1311297984/ref=sr_pg_1?ie=UTF8&me=A29BNSQNHJAN0T&rh=&page=1

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In those pictures of Bodhidharma, they say only his pupils show but I think that may be the artist's way of saying the irises were exposed because he cut his eyelids off. Still, the idea that the pupil is the seat of consciousness and that the images seen reflected in it could be like the emptiness practitioners of Zen seek as absolute being and the origin of self or whatever. That his irises or pupils often look like those in the Hortus Deliciarum, that is, unbounded on top and bottom by lids must just be an accident. I've been thinking of the possibility that the eyes in Hortus Deliciarum might be a result of the way they were copied or something. Anyway, the black holes of the skeleton's eyes are there on purpose but they probably aren't so as an expression of the principle of emptiness which is what I copied them for. The way the flowers are made---they must be of sugar for the Day of the Dead---makes them look like they spiral down into the same precious jewel. I'll probably have to take that back as I read more.

I got this book because the gargoyles took my stack of books and when I went upstairs to retrieve them, I found this cover and the one depicting Origen with Jesus on his lap---or at least that's what I think it is. I haven't opened the book yet. I looked very briefly into this one and saw names like Ursula de Jesus, Juana de Esperanza de San Alberto and Catarina de San Juan. I guess they were popular "saints", unbeatified. I'll probably never get back to the book, but if I do, I'll try to find more about them. I think I have heard of Catarina. I some of the revolutionary figures in Mexico took her name.

They've been very cruel to me all morning. They had a line-up of Mexican looking males hanging around 3rd West by Home Depot. I guess it's to go with this continuing immigration scam they are using as an implement of torture. I wrote those things yesterday in which I only briefly mentioned the subject and maybe thats why the put those men there. They had Nick come by and greet me by calling to me in my front yard as he appeared to be going to one of the neighbors on the east. I didn't see him again and when I left, wasn't at either neighbor's house or at least I couldn't see his bike anywhere. It's always very stressful when they have him assault me. The pain and anxiety go on the rest of the day. Yesterday, the buzzed very powerfully on the bus. There was a young middle-aged backpack male with one pierced ear ring. I think they were trying to locate the buzz in him but, of course, there is no way for me to know who to associate it with and direct things with the purpose of causing anxiety not give me the means of orienting myself. The "guest section" is filled with gargoyles and the William Burroughs cam forward and had a long conversation with the Scot who runs the window in the media center and who occasionally in the past has frightened with the idea that they won't let me use the scanners. I believe he is one of the window people I talked to when they were disabling my lap top. He's more blonde than red haired. Maybe I have the wrong person in mind or maybe I am a poor observer. When I call somebody A Scot i mean he has red hair like the one who ridiculed me on the chair lift about the way the were tormenting me by lifting then torment for a time then starting again in continuing cycles. He seemed to me to be blatant in his contempt for me like the overqualified maintenance man, janitor, shelver and sometimes floor man and many others who seem to be daring me to respond to their cruelty.

They had a young male Harward harrass me at the bus stop. He approached me with a manic smile pretending to smoke a cigarette. They had a "pretty" student aged blonde female pass by me with barefeet as I was trying to wait out the flash mob they had at the "sign-in" counter. As the Scot who works at the media center window was leaving just now, I began to think because of her blonde complexion maybe she had something to do with him. Anyway, as I have said, they have been tormenting wiith bare feet for several months now. The like to ridicule me by using the term "heavy" in a sarcastic or ironic way with reference to the time I went barefoot. Actually there were two periods of time I went barefoot. I gave it up with remorse the first time then took it back up when I started jog barefooted. During that time, I didn't go anywhere in barefeet except where I was jogging. that was mostly at Sugarhouse Park. I remember once I jogged up to Mount Olympus Cove and back and I remember how the blood spurted onto the sides of the bathtub when I popped the blood blisters. I figured I went about 18 miles. I recall seeing Emily Johanssen once when I was jogging barefooted at Highland Park. I recall telling her how I enjoyed the sensory experience of the wet grass and worn path under my feet and so on. She was a girl I considered to be very sexually attractive. I think

18 months old!

18 months old!

He is so full of love! He gives such intense hugs around our necks that it's hard to breath. He will suddenly stop playing just to come give me a hug and kiss before going back to what he was doing. He also loves it when his mama and dada kiss. He'll even force our heads towards each other sometimes.

Even though he's all over the place and takes a lot of energy to keep up with, he's so much fun. And now that he's grasping the concept of "no" and "come back here Elliott" it's been getting easier than when he was first mobile. He now is at the age where he can really appreciate OMSI, the zoo, the playground, or any other fun kid places.

And boy does this boy have rhythm! His aunt Julia lent him her hippy drum (I'm sure there is a more accurate and PC name for this kind of drum but I have no idea what it is nor do I have time to research). When we're singing with him or when there is music with a good beat on he gets funky with that thing. He'll bang on it in pretty good rhythm while shaking his little baby butt. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

We're taking a music class just a few blocks from our house. Last class he was shaking his maracas in such a way that it looked like he was conducting an orchestra. Another signature move is bending his knees way low while bouncing to the beat.

We just got a bike trailer that he can ride in. We went for our first family bike ride last night. He was pretty indifferent of the whole thing, but he was also very tired. He seemed to enjoy running around in his helmet more.

Also, like so many children, he has a new toy obsession (shockingly with a character that isn't from the movie "Cars"). He is in love with Elmo. Of course. What kid isn't really? He is constantly asking to watch his movie, and loves reading any book with "melmo". He just got a tiny Elmo doll that we think might be his first attachment toy. We'll see.

We're so excited about the coming fall. We're all looking forward to the pumpkin patch, creating a halloween costume, crunching leaves, cozy sweaters, and baking treats.

baby bike trailer age

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Bicycle Engine Muffler

bicycle engine muffler

  • ride a bicycle

  • a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • In graph theory, a pseudoforest is an undirected graphThe kind of undirected graph considered here is often called a multigraph or pseudograph, to distinguish it from a simple graph. in which every connected component has at most one cycle.

  • A part of a motor vehicle's exhaust system, serving to muffle the sound of the vehicle

  • a scarf worn around the neck

  • A device used to deaden the sound of a drum, bell, piano, or other instrument

  • silencer: a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

  • A scarf or wrap worn around the neck and face for warmth

  • damper: a device that decreases the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations

  • A machine with moving parts that converts power into motion

  • A thing that is the agent or instrument of a particular process

  • something used to achieve a purpose; "an engine of change"

  • locomotive: a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks

  • A railroad locomotive

  • motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work

bicycle engine muffler - Lawson Industries

Lawson Industries 77925 INSYNERATOR Bullit High Performance Muffler

Lawson Industries 77925 INSYNERATOR Bullit High Performance Muffler

Reload Your Ride with the Insynerator Bullit. This high performance muffler is made from high quality aluminized steel and it is fully welded for durability. The Bullit is a twist on the classic two-chamber muffler. It has a 5 inch round body that fits easily in tight spaces and does not allow build-up on top of the muffler. Inside, a unique diamond baffle directs the flow of exhaust with almost no restriction. The Bullit creates a very deep and aggressive exhaust note and eliminates that high pitch, crackling sound produced by some aftermarket systems. The dimensions are 2.5 inch inlet/outlet; 5 inch round body; 13 inch body length; 18 inch overall length.

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I had an accident

I had an accident

My homemade motorcycle fell apart today - while I was on it going about 30 mph. To my credit, the failure had nothing to do with my engine modifications, but rather the cheap Chinese Walmart sucky front rim had some sort of stress fracture that resulted in me doing breakdancing on the pavement at full speed. I had a helmet on (luckily) but I don't really remember the crash. I remember the sensation that the front end was collapsing with me still firmly gripping the handlebars, then an "oh no" feeling. The next thing I remember was me standing in the middle of the road looking at all the debris. My watch broke off, pieces of the bike were everywhere, and my cell phone was in the middle of the road. A lady appeared out of the house I crashed in front and was making motions and speaking to me but I couldn't hear through the earplugs I had in my ears (because the muffler fell off the other day so it was annoyingly loud). I couldn't get the earplugs out, so I must have looked really weird, all bloodied up and picking at my ears. When I finally dislodged one of the earplugs I told her I was ok. She asked if I needed a phone. Walking over to my phone in the road and picking it up I replied, "nah, I'm good. I got one." I pulled my wreckage out of the road, still violently cursing walmart and their cheap bikes and that chinese engine. Candi came in our truck and I angrily threw the bike in the back and got in. I was bleeding from my hips and elbows and had various spots of road rash, but I felt a lot better after some pain pills and muscle relaxants. Then I called in to work and told a supervisor I would not be coming in tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. My 365days project died sometime last week. RIP.



Finishing the installation of the electronics didn't take long at all. It's all the tweeking that has required the most attention. The muffler had to be bent in so the peddles didn't hit it. We added an inline fuel filter. Customized spring pulley system for the motor chain and constantly giving the engine gentle taps until it is back upright in the frame. It has a tendency to vibrate itself off to one side a bit.

bicycle engine muffler

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Bicycle seats for toddlers : Custom bicycle seats : 2011 trek mountain bike.

Bicycle Seats For Toddlers

bicycle seats for toddlers

  • (Toddler) This can mean different things in different countries, but usually a child between 18-60 months (1 1/2 to 4 years).

  • A young child who is just beginning to walk

  • (toddler) a young child

  • (toddler) A quite young human being, typically two to three years old, but can refer to any child that has started walking, up to about four years old, or at the time they have mastered walking; A traffic cone

Hockey Stick Bean Pot Bar Sool

Hockey Stick Bean Pot Bar Sool

Big Kids Skichair $199.95 ea

Toddlers Skichair $ 99.95 ea

If you Play in Style, Rest in Style!

On the Deck, by the water, or in the Ski lodge this gorgeous recycled Adirandack Chair is the place to relax after a hard day of thrashin. Order today.

Hand Made Skichairs, complete with matching ottoman, are the finest Adirondack style chairs available. Skichairs are 100% handmade in the USA by a Skichair artisan with Cedar, the finest most durable material for outdoor use, and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. Skichair products reflect the passion and lifestyle outdoor enthusiasts in their relaxation!

100% Comfort Fit Guarantee

Also, please feel free to send us your old sticks to make a custom Hockey Chair for you.

Product care and information:

Natural Cedar is a creamy white color that blends with any dcor.
Naturally resistant to rot and insect damage.
Skichairs do not have to be treated if left outside.
All Cedar weathers gracefully to a silvery grey patina when left untreated!
Cedar may be preserved by adding a sealer that has a UV inhibitor.
Sealer can be purchase at most hardware stores and applied by spraying.
May be stained to match dcor with most exterior wood sealants.
Skichairs are shipped partially assembled and should be glued together when assembled.
All Products shipped UPS ground in ReCycled bicycle boxes
Handmade in the USA!

A note about Adirondack Furniture...

All wooden outdoor furniture is subject to the natural process of checking. The process adds to the natural beauty and character of this fine furniture. Checking happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through annual growth rings. Checking is one of the special characteristics of cedar furniture and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood.

Size: Height 40, Length 38, Width 33, Seat Height 15. Ottoman: Height 15, Length 24, Width 19. Total weight of chair and ottoman: 55lbs.

New Bikes for the Babes

New Bikes for the Babes

We figured it was time for our 4 year old Istra to graduate to a two wheeler, so we picked her up one. She loves it! But to our amazement our 2 year old Emeth also loved it. Even though he has to vault himself onto the seat like a horseback rider, and can barely reach all the way down to the pedals... he flies! So we got him a bike too. In this video we have the bedroom floor cleared as we took out the carpet to cleen it... the kids made it their bicycle track for a little while. Whee!

bicycle seats for toddlers

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Bicycle trailers for sale : Buy used bmx bikes.

Bicycle Trailers For Sale

bicycle trailers for sale

    bicycle trailers
  • A bicycle trailer is a motorless wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo by bicycle. It can greatly increase a bike's cargo capacity, allowing point-to-point haulage of objects up to 4 cubic yards (3 cubic meters) in volume that weigh as much as half-a-ton.

    for sale
  • purchasable: available for purchase; "purchasable goods"; "many houses in the area are for sale"

  • For Sale is the fifth album by German pop band Fool's Garden, released in 2000.

  • For Sale is a tour EP by Say Anything. It contains 3 songs from …Is a Real Boy and 2 additional b-sides that were left off the album.

bicycle trailers for sale - Heininger 2250

Heininger 2250 Advantage 1.25" SportsRack glideAWAY 4 Bike Rack Carrier

Heininger 2250 Advantage 1.25" SportsRack glideAWAY 4 Bike Rack Carrier

This innovative rack glides away from your vehicle and pivots from side to side, allowing easy access to the rear cargo area. It holds up to four bikes and has removable bike arms. The patented Rear-Hitch-Mount design increases fuel economy and fits a 1.25 x 1.25 receiver. This rear-mount position means you don't need to worry about low hanging branches, low clearance garages and other traveling hassles. Detente cinch pins allow quick and easy attachment and removal of arms and other accessories. The Advantage Saddle holds bikes securely without scratching their finishes. It swivels to accept women’s, BMX, and complex geometry frames. This mount also features a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish that ensures a long, rust-free life. A lockable security cable is included with this package. Some assembly is required.

The Heininger Advantage glideAWAY deluxe 4 bike carrier is a rear oriented bike carrier for vehicles utilizing hitch receivers that allows full access to the rear interior of the vehicle without the necessity of removing the bikes. Designed around an accordion style folding mechanism, when need be the glideAWAY deluxe can extend up to 23" away from its locked position close to the vehicle. This makes it perfect for use with hatchbacks. It can also swivel either left or right when extended, allowing for even more space to reach cargo. It also ships with an anti-wobble device and a 72" lockable cable. Available in 2" or 1.25" hitch receiver sizes.
The Heininger Advantage glideAWAY deluxe four bike carrier mounted with bike and extended
Glide away design perfect for hatchbacks.
View larger. The anti-wobble device included with the Heininger Advantage glideAWAY deluxe four bike carrier
Anti-wobble device maintains firm connection to hitch receiver.
View larger. Overview of features included with the Heininger Advantage glideAWAY deluxe four bike carrier
Multiple additional features perfect for SUVs and hatchbacks.
View larger.
Never Needlessly Remove Bikes From Your Carrier Again
Heininger's Advantage glideAWAY deluxe 4 bike carrier eliminates the agony and irritation often experienced with other rear mounted carriers of having to take your bikes off every time you want access to your vehicle from the back. Designed to hold up to four bicycles with 1-2" top frame tubes, the ingenuous accordion style folding arm construction of the Advantage glideAWAY allows it to be pulled away from your vehicle with the simple lifting of the handle of its spring loaded safety latch, located behind its main upright support post. This instant 23" of additional space gives you easy, convenient access to the cargo area of your vehicle anytime you need it. When you are finished with cargo the Advantage glideAWAY pops easily back into a secure locked position just by pushing it back towards the hitch receiver and allowing the latch to snap back into place. The glideAWAY bike carrier also glides from side to side accommodating vehicles with rear side opening doors and allowing for more space around the hatch of your vehicle when you need it.
Direct support and securing of bikes is provided by two oversized heavy-duty bike arm tubes holding dual heavy-duty non-scratch plastic saddle clasps. Arm tubing are removable when not in use, meaning that you can leave the rack in place at all times. Saddles can also conveniently swivel around the tubing to accept women's, BMX, and complex geometry frames. The Advantage glideAWAY features a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish that ensures a long life and is available for both 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers.
Anti-Wobble Device Included
The Advantage SportsRack glideAWAY Bike Carrier includes an anti-wobble device to insure a secure tight fit to your receiver hitch in all occasions. Based around a heavy-duty plastic receiver hitch tube insert and screw design, the anti-wobble device prevents rattling while your vehicle is in motion. Additional stability/security can be added via the Heininger Advantage 72" lockable cable included (lock sold separately).
Key Features
Available in 2" or 1.25" hitch receiver sizes
Holds up to 4 bikes
The patented rear-hitch-mount design decreases wind resistance, increasing fuel economy
Rear mounting ends worry over low hanging branches, low clearance garages and other traveling hassles
Corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
Detente cinch pins allow quick and easy attachment and removal of arms and other accessories
Advantage saddle holds bikes securely without scratching the bike's finish
Swivels to accept women's, BMX and complex geometry frames
Some assembly required
Limited lifetime warranty
What's in the Box
1-Heininger Advantage SportsRack glideAWAY 4 Bike Rack
1-Heininger Advantage 72" lockable cable (lock not included)
Accessories Available (sold separately)
2" Threaded Hitch Lock
1.25" Threaded Lock
Top Tube Alternative
10' Cable Lock
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Heininger Advantage SportsRack units are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, administered at the discretion of Heininger. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the unit.
About Heininger Holdings, LLC
Heininger is an American company and environmentally conscious. Headquartered in Bellingham, Washington USA, Heininger is driven to create products that truly enhance and revolutionize the consumer road travel experience, while maintaining responsible standards aimed at limiting the destruction of natural resources worldwide and the reduction of unnecessary waste in the manufacturing process.

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Bike revolution trailer

Bike revolution trailer

For sale:
Bicycle Revolution bicycle trailer- 48 quart capacity. About the same as a largish cooler.
One of the only trailers with a cover that can be locked to itself, preventing your stuff from being pilfered. A cable can be looped through the frame to lock it to your bike as well.
Alloy frame,12" mag wheels with sealed bearings, high quality ABS plastic 'container and lid.
The quick connect coupler fits on a discrete axle mounted or frame mounted hitch.
Includes the hitch, plus at least 1 or 2 additional to fit on multiple bikes.
asking $100.

Trunk for teardrop trailer

Trunk for teardrop trailer

Perfect size for the front of my teardrop trailer . Found at a charity rummage sale , I will be painting it to go with the rest of the trailer . I have make the tongue on the trailer longer also . Most teardrops have chests like these on the front , I think most have propane tanks in them . Any body that has one let me know please . I think my first aid kit will go here . Spray can for scale .Check out the set for updates .

bicycle trailers for sale

bicycle trailers for sale

BOB Ibex Plus Suspension Trailer (Includes Dry Sak)

The BOB Ibex features adjustble rear suspension with 3+ inches of travel to give the rider and the gear a smoother ride.
For 26" or 700c wheel equipped bicycles
IBEX model has adjustable suspension with a minimum of 3" travel
Comes with one yellow Dry Sak that protects cargo, especially in inclement weather
CroMoly construction with powder coated finish
Rear wheel features stainless steel spokes, an aluminum rim, and uses a sealed cartridge bearing aluminum hub
Item Specifications

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