Fun Dirt Bike Games To Play : Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Fun Dirt Bike Games To Play

fun dirt bike games to play

    dirt bike
  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.

  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

    to play
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fun dirt bike games to play - Excite Truck

Excite Truck

Excite Truck

Excite Truck brings back grand racing tradition of Excitebike. Get ready for a big-air experience like no other! Players rocket their trucks across dynamically changing terrain in this nitrous-injected, high-flying racer for speed junkies. Showing the Wii Remote controller's versatility, players tilt the controller on its side to turn it into a wireless steering wheel. Jump and bump your way to the highest score and highest finish

In the grand and classic racing tradition of Excitebike, get ready for a big-air experience like no other! Players rocket their trucks across dynamically changing terrain in this nitrous-injected, high-flying racer for speed junkies. Showing the Wii Remote controller's versatility, players tilt the controller on its side to turn it into a wireless steering wheel!

The Wii's 4x4 title goes off-road and flies high!

Use the Wii remote to control your rig in mid-air. View larger.

Multiple racing modes allow for different types of challenges. View larger.

Rigs of all shapes and designs are featured. View larger.

Steer by using the Wii remote like a wheel! View larger.
Arcade excitement, arcade feel
Excite Truck doesn't hide the fact that it's an arcade racer. You won't be modifying your rig with aftermarket parts or racing to win the heart of some flag-waving girl. You will, however, go fast- very fast. It would be easy to stay on the dirt path that defines the race track, but if you plan on truly winning in Excite Truck, you have to go off road and in the air. Your true success in each race is based on a star system. The more stars you get by performing stunts, drifts and more, the better your rank.
Netting lots of stars is not for the feint of heart. You'll need to cruise through fields of trees, launch yourself high in the air, hang on around curves for dear life and smash the daylights out of other trucks. All this and you still want to finish the race in first place.
Turbo originality
As with the game's spiritual predecessor, the NES classic Excitebike, you can turbo to your heart's content, but if you push the envelope too far, your rig will overheat, causing you to stall until it cools down. If you smash into a tree, go to far into the water or come face-to-face with a rock known as a mountain, you'll need to mash the 2 Button to right your truck and get back on the road.
The Wii-unique aspect of Excite Truck is the way you hold the Remote. Instead of its traditional vertical configuration, you hold it in a horizontal fashion, like the center bar of a steering wheel. You move the remote in the same fashion that you would a car steering wheel, tilting your right hand up if you want to turn left and your left hand up if you want to go right. When your truck goes airborne, its front end will lean toward the ground if you tilt the Remote away from you, and if you tilt the Remote toward to, your truck's front end will point up, allowing you to catch a little more air. If you catch enough air, you can try to pull off a 720 and, if you're daring enough, a 1080. The more midair spins you can perform, the more stars you earn. Plus, remember tilting your arms while playing Excitebike to try to make your character land a huge jump? Now that move will actually affect the game in Excite Truck.
"Raze" the track
The game features a Dynamic Terrain power-up. When you drive over this symbol, the road ahead changes, sometimes it plows upward to give you an extra hill to jump off. Other times, the terrain can sink, sometimes exposing water that can cool off an overheating engine. If you time the Dynamic Terrain activation just right, you can earn stars by sending racers out in front of you for an unexpected flight. Excite Truck's tracks also contain POW power-ups. This gives you clutch invincibility as you dare to go off the road and into the woods for a star-flooded tree run.
Excite Truck lets you customize the in-game music you race to. Download an MP3 to an SD card and explore Excite Truck's sound options to hear the tunes you want. The speed of the game is one thing, going fast to tunes that get you pumped up makes the game a pulse-pounding experience.

87% (17)

Homecoming - Parking Lot of Dreams

Homecoming - Parking Lot of Dreams

I love to bike now, but I was a hesitant kid. I got a red bike with a banana seat when I was about 5, and I loved that bike. I rode it all the time. But when my friends started learning to ride without training wheels, I got nervous. I didn't want to learn. It seemed too scary. So I rode for a while with training wheels, but eventually I just stopped altogether.

The summer I turned 9, my parents decided they wouldn't let me just say no anymore. They bought me a bike without telling me and put it up in the basement on a hook. I think I discovered it one day when my Mom sent me downstairs to get something out of the freezer. I was so mad! I did not want to learn to ride a bike!

I got over it. They wouldn't let me do otherwise. It was the best thing they could have done for me. My Dad took me here, to the parking lot of a Baptist Church at the end of our block, and also to one of the parking lots of the Grey Nuns Hospital, to teach me. I was a nervous student, but he was patient with me. Well, mostly.

Once I finally got comfortable with it (probably only a few weeks, but it seems in my memory like a long time), I almost never got off my bike. I rode all over Mill Woods that summer, I just couldn't stop. I always wanted to see what was around the next corner, figure out what parts of the neighbourhood I hadn't seen yet. Sometimes my friend Marc would go with me, but a lot of the time he wouldn't. He wasn't interested in always going going going, seeing what else there was to see. I was a planner at heart, I guess. And besides, he'd been riding his bike for a few years at that point. Riding wasn't so exciting to him anymore. But to me it meant freedom. It still does.

The duplexes beyond this parking lot were not always there. For the longest time, it was just an empty lot. It was fenced in, I think, but we could always find a way in to explore and poke around in the dirt, build things, play games, have adventures. The duplexes that went in aren't bad, but it was a lot better for kids when it was just dirt.

I honestly think suburbs are great for kids when they're getting built, and when kids are a certain age. Dirt lots are great fun, and new suburbs always have lots of other kids. But once the dirt becomes houses or apartment buildings, and once the kids become pre-teens or teens, the fun is over. The place doesn't stimulate anymore, and the fact that it is so far from everything where the action is really happening imprisons, in a way. And that's not good for anyone, I don't think.

empty plot

empty plot

Empty plots like the one in this shot are somewhat abundant in the 'old town', right at the centre of Valencia. This is the other face of the city, hidden in the official propaganda brochures, a face, however, the startled tourist takes no time at all to discover.

(Incidentally, the graffiti artwork is splendid; best seen large)

It once dawned on me (a few years back) that the only way to keep the mind going more or less fine in this particular place I happen to live is not to take the place seriously. The only way to get along and not to lose one's marbles is to realize and to firmly believe that nothing ever happening here matters. How could one otherwise avoid going mental in a place where people drive as if playing a video game, cars are raucous, four-wheeled loudspeakers (and a few are periodically burned every weekend just for the fun of it), traffic-lights are useless, colourful street ornaments (some people flippantly claim there's a hidden code associated with the colours though its meaning remains utterly unknown), zebra-crossings are parking places (a property also shared by bike trails and wheelchair ramps formerly designed to ease the handicapped daily struggle around the city), lifts are smoking rooms, litter bins are largely neglected (and the few days they receive attention, which accurately match traditional festivities, it is to be either detached from the locations they hang on - traffic-lights, walls or lamp-posts; as part of their ornamental accessories, so to speak - burned, or both), youngsters are more and more aggressive each day - and at increasingly earlier ages - smoking pot is the number one activity among teenagers to the point that its massive use seems to them absolutely essential to make the world go round, football matches (everything football in fact) are TV screen savers, good manners and education are utopias, noise is our everyday's companion (and taken for granted), rubbish carpets the pavement, local television is disgusting - to say the least (reality shows and sensationalist journalism devoted to air all sort of pathetic gossip columns play the role of educational programs whose aim is to enhance dormant feelings such as self-confidence, solidarity or freedom while achieving in the process a non-negligible standardization of the language skills and cultural level), politicians don't often measure up, and the identity of the native language seems condemned to be a recurrent issue forever and ever, to give but a few examples?

fun dirt bike games to play

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