Giant bike computer - Kinetic bike trainer - Spiritus mountain bike.

Giant Bike Computer

giant bike computer

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2006 Giant Yukon Mountain Bike 02

2006 Giant Yukon Mountain Bike 02

Non-stock adders are the RaceFace Deaux flat bars and the Profile Design barends and grips. I also added the Surfas RX saddle.

I'm an old road rider and I used to ride with Time Clipless Pedals. So I also added Shimano SPD 520 pedals and got the shoes. These pedals are economical and they work great. You can adjust the tension for more or less foot movement. Couldn't do that with the old Time pedals. Plus, you couldn't walk too well with the Times like you can with the Shimano SPD's. I have to be able to walk...I dismount alot to take pics!



This is a 1993 Giant Cadex CFR-2 (carbon fiber.) Due to my age, I don’t race anymore and really like the entire setup of the CFR-2. Rather than sell it, it’s presently being converted from a racing to touring format.

In July of 2010, cables, computers, and bearings were replaced and cleaned. As this is a project bike, I hope to have everything completed for break in three months.

giant bike computer

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